Crushing the “30-day Cold Shower Challenge”

Crushing the “30-day Cold Shower Challenge”

I’m writing this post just after I finished my 30th cold shower this month. How do I feel now? Amazing!


So.. first things first!


What is a 30 day cold-shower challenge?


It’s simply taking a cold shower everyday for 30 days straight, nothing much, nothing less.


Why did I decide to do the 30 day cold shower challenge?


My purpose was to prove myself that I can set a goal outside of my comfort zone and take action towards its achievement. Also to prove myself that I can be persistent.


After finishing it, I can say one thing:

The cold shower challenge has nothing to do with the cold – it’s not about it – it’s about you building your mental strength and the cold is only a metaphor for fear. It’s about you overcoming “fear”; It’s about you deciding to do something and not resigning when things get tough.

Some facts about cold showers:

Cold showers are beneficial to your health. In couple of words: cold showers after exercising are more effective in relieving sore muscles; they increase your body’s tolerance to stress and disease; they help you burn fat; they increase testosterone level. More thorough analysis of the benefits of cold showers can be read here in an article by Dr. Mercola.


I’ve kept a complete journal of how each of the 30 cold shower days felt. I’m going to make my journal public in my next post, so that it is visible for everyone who decides to do the challenge.

About my experience:


When I first read about the challenge I thought 2 things:

- This sounds so fucking awesome!

- I simply CANNOT do this!


The whole thought about taking a shower with the hot water turned 100% off just freaked me out. We’ve had several piping emergencies in my neighbourhood, so I know how it feels like when there is no hot water, and I simply hate it. On top of that, you have to take that fucking awful shower for THIRTY DAYS straight. However, the moment I caught myself having such thoughts I simply said to myself:

“If so many people around the world can do it, so can you. If this challenge is about teaching you being persistent and achieving goals outside of your comfort zone, then this is the fucking thing you are going to do, you big baby! Do it now and prove yourself that you are winner – not by words, but by actions; or don’t do it, and simply admit to yourself that you are a loser that always gives up when things get tough.”


Twenty minutes later I am already in the bathroom.


I’m standing naked in front of the shower..,staring at it for a couple of moments..feeling scared of doing it..thinking how I simply cannot. A moment of silence.. and I turn on the shower. What I’ve read is that it easier to go under the shower starting with your smaller parts of the body, continuing with the bigger – that’s exactly what I did. Thirty seconds after that i put my whole body under the shower. I start PANICKING! 30-60 seconds more and I realize that it’s the panic that makes it feel so bad, not the cold – I start to calm down and control my breathing and relax a bit and I finish my shower left with the AMAZINGNESS.

You simply have to feel this, experiencing this for the first time feels like having sex for the first time. And 30 days later – I set my timer to 8 minutes, and take that amazing cold-shower with no problem.



What is the temperature of the “cold” water?


What I’ve read from other journals is that depending on your country, the temperature of the water will vary by much. Some guy from South America says that his temperature is 26 C/ 78.8. For the majority of people is 18- 20C/64-68F, for less people its about 14-16C/57F. And for pretty much only people from Eastern Europe it falls to 9-10C/48F – that’s the temperature I’ve been having showers – 9C/48F – fucking cold.


How much do you stay under the shower?

I personally tried to stay most of the time for about 5 minutes. Sometimes It may have been 3 minutes, some 8.


How should I get in under the shower?

Start with the kaizen way- little by little and after some time you can even put your whole body at once.



“Pain is only temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or even a year, but eventually it will subside… and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. PERIOD”

Lance Armstrong

I don’t know about you guys, but even after the 30th day I plan to continue with the cold showers! Should you have any additional questions feel free to leave a comment!

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